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Meandering country roads  ...Historic sites  … All roads lead to some new place to explore, some new adventure to enjoy, and some new pleasures to delight in.  Stay awhile.  Take the grand tour.  Spread a picnic.  Admire the view, and join in the fun.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be just in time for a tasting, cookout, festival, or of course, you’re always in time to join us for wine tasting.

Our winery produces award winning handcrafted fruit and grape wines, is open 12 months a year, and sponsors tasting events throughout the year.  Our farm grows a variety of fruit, allowing us to have total control of our product, from the harvest, right to the bottle.  Maybe that's why we're always selling out of our award winning Black Gold, Damson Plum and Blackberry Wine.  Presently we have over 20 varieties of wine, with 17 of them medal winners and many styles in limited quantities.  Our hard cider has been awarded a Concordance Gold, Best of Class medal, in 2005 and Gold Medals, in 2006 and 2007.  Our newest hard cider product, Razzy Apple won it's first Gold Medal last spring. 

The winery is located at Charlton Orchards Farm, Route 20, in Charlton Massachusetts.  Founded in 1733, the farm is one of the oldest settlements in south central Massachusetts.  We are only 15 minutes from Historic Sturbridge, Hyland Orchards Brewery, in Sturbridge, and 20 minutes to Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock CT.

My family has been growing fruit in Southern New England for over 50 years.  Although we are fairly new at wine making (1999) we know how important great fruit is to the finished product.  Maybe that is why our winery sales and production have grown continuously over the years.  Our family traditions also dictate that we always make time for our customers, both large and small.  My wife and I personally handle the wine tasting.  You can find one of us behind the bar most weekends each year. 

I guess my philosophy about wine is as simple as my life style.  I believe my wine translates our family values and heritage.  We are hard working people that take pride in what we grow and make, with American values that state I'm proud enough of this wine to put my father's picture, Nathan, Sr. on every bottle, and I even named one after both of us, Nate's Hard Cider.  Above all else, I believe our wines should be consumed for the sheer enjoyment of taste. 

Massachusetts has almost 30 wineries, and plenty of Microbreweries.  Right here, in South Central Massachusetts, we have 5 wineries and a couple of  microbrewery all within 15-20  miles of each other.  Why not come out and make a day of it.  Tours are offered during events or by appointment.  

Our Wine Store is open for tasting every weekend through out the year.  Call for store hours during the winter months.  Join us for our Wine Tasting Events and Harvest Festivals.  So come soon and visit often.

Nate & Cathy Benjamin, Jr - Winemakers

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Medal Awards

2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007

Best Of Class(3)

      Crimson Gold Red Raspberry Wine,  Best of State 06, 07

Nate’s Hard Cider, Best of Class 05

Concordance/Double Gold (5)

Cherry Wine, 07

Crimson Gold Red Raspberry Wine, 06, 07 

Nate’s Hard Cider, 05

Peach Wine, 06

Gold  (5)

Black Gold Blackberry Wine, 07

Nate’s Hard Cider, 06, 07

Razzy Apple, Hard Cider, 07

Three Sister’s White Wine, 07

Silver (8)

Black Gold Blackberry Wine, 04, 05

Carbonated Apple Wine, 05, 07

Blueberry Wine, 07

Obadiah’s Fermae, 06

Riesling, 06

Strawberry Rhubarb, 05

Bronze (14)

Apple Wine Semi-Sweet, 05

Black Gold Blackberry Wine, 05,06

Blueberry Wine, 06, 06

Crimson Gold Red Raspberry Wine, 04

Damson Plum Wine, 05

                                                         Holiday Crimson Carbonated Raspberry Wine07

Nate’s Hard Cider, 06

Obadiah’s Fermae, 06

Shiro Plum Wine, 05

Strawberry Wine, 05,06

Three Sister White Wine, 05 

35 Medal Awards

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Wine Availability List

Winter 2008

 Fruit Wines:  Listed Semi-Sweet to Sweet

Shiro Plum Wine.   Bronze 2005.   A delightful light sweet sipping wine. 375ml. $9.99

Damson Plum Wine.   Bronze 2005. A sweet red sipping wine with strong Plum aromas and a taste that will make you beg for more.  375ml,  Available March 1.  Limited Supply $10.49

Cherry Wine.   Double Gold 2007.  A sweet red sipping wine with strong cherry aromas.   375ml, $8.99 and 750ml $12.99

Blueberry Wine.   Silver 2007, Bronze 2006. A sweet red wine with strong blueberry aromas and flavors. 750ml $16.99

Black Gold.   Gold 2007, Silver 04 & 05, Bronze 05 & 06. Sweet Blackberry wine, fruity and flavorful, perfect for that cozy evening in front of the fire or for sharing over fine conversation with friends. 375ml,  $14.99 and 750ml $27.95

Crimson Gold.  Double Gold 06 & 07, Best Massachusetts Wine, 06 & 07, Bronze 2004.  Red Raspberry wine.  Sweet and flavorful, perfect for that cozy evening in front of the fire or for sharing over fine conversation with friends.  375ml,  $10.49 and 750ml $16.99

Peary.  Sweet light subtle pear wine 375ml $8.99

Peach Wine.  Double Gold 2006.  Light bodied sweet white wine.  Close your eyes as you drink and think of a warm summer day with fresh peach juice dripping down your chin.    sold out avail May 08

Strawberry Rhubarb Wine.   Silver 2005. A Sweet red sipping wine with strong strawberry and rhubarb aromas, just like our Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.   375ml $9.49

Strawberry Wine.  Bronze 05 & 06. A Sweet red sipping wine with strong strawberry aromas and a taste that will make you beg for more.    375ml, $8.99

Sparkling Wines

Jubilation.  Our 2003 Chardonnay specially fermented, aged, sweetened, and carbonated to deliver a superb celebration and dinner sparkling wine.  750ml  $15.99 Limited Supply.

Carbonated Apple Wine.   Silver 07 & 05. Our Semi Sweet Apple Wine with bubbles. Delightful and fresh. 750ml $13.99

Holiday Crimson.  Bronze 2007.   Made from our award winning raspberry wine and carbonated to deliver a sparkling wine that is sure to make everyday a holiday.  750ml  $22.99 Limited Supply.

Frost Berry.  Strawberry was never as exciting as when bubbles add brilliance and sparkle to your holiday.  Like our Holiday Crimson this special sparkler is available only once a year for the holidays.  750ml   $16.99 Limited Supply.

White Wines.  Listed Dry to Semi-Sweet

Obadiah’s Reserve.  Dry oak aged apple wine with a hint of vanilla and a clean finish.  Aged in old American oak barrels in our large apple coolers for more that a year, this is truly a delight to have before, during or after meals.  Start a tradition of your own. 750ml sold out available Apr 08

Chardonnay.  Traditional Medium-bodied dry white grape wine with fruity aromas and flavors, with just the right amount of tartness. 750ml $10.49

Riesling.  Silver 2006.  Light-bodied well balanced semi-sweet white grape wine with full flowery and fruity aromas, hints of spicy favors.   750ml $10.99

Apple Wine.  Bronze 2005. Sweet flavorful apple wine.  Created with a blend of our own Massachusetts’s apples for that full apple flavor and aroma.  750ml $8.99

Three Sisters White.  Gold 2007, Bronze 2005. Delightful semi-sweet white grape wine blend.  Vidal, Chennin Blanc, and Zinfandel, are blended together to create a full body wine that blends well with both great conversation and dinner.  750ml $13.99

Red Wines:  Listed Dry to Semi-Sweet

Cabernet Sauvignon A traditional full bodied dry American oak age red grape wine.  750ml available mar 08

Merlot.  A dry light flavored Hungarian oak aged full bodied red grape wine.  750ml $13.99

Chambourcin.  A  Nouveau Style light-bodied red grape wine with a strong fruity character.  A delightful summer red, perfect served cold.  A white wine drinkers red wine. A red wine for those who appreciate a lighter and fruiter red.  750ml $12.99

Red Zinfandel.     Nouveau Style full bodied red grape wine with a strong fruity character.  A Delightful semi-sweet red wine that is as wonderful with meals as it is causally sipping by the glass.  750ml $12.99


Obadiah’s Fermae.  Silver 2006, Bronze 2006.  A blend of fine red wines fortified with cherry Eau-De-vie and blended with blackberry wine, to create a masterful full bodied port style wine. 500ml avail Apr 08

Nate’s Hard Cider.  Concordance Gold 2005, Best of Class, 2005, Gold 06 & 07, Bronze 06.   Refreshing carbonated beverage, made from a blend of our apples, fermented to 5% alcohol by volume and sweetened with fresh apple cider.   Available in 12 oz $2.50 per bottle, $9.99 six pack, $38.00 per case or 660ml bottles  $4.00 bottle $38.00 per case.

Razzy Apple.  Gold 2007.  Refreshing carbonated beverage, made from a blend of our apples, and red raspberries, fermented to 5% alcohol by volume and sweetened with fresh apple cider.   Available in 660ml in Mar 08


6 bottles 5%, 1 case (12 bottles) 10%,

Hard Cider and Razzy Apple are not subject to additional case discounts, as pricing already reflects a volume discount.





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