Last January 04, the news was buzzing about all the benefits of blueberries, from improved eye health to improved immune system.  The one item I missed, and we grow acres of blueberries, is a possible benefit link to improving the cognitive responses of a person with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease.

As reported in the Prevention, May 2004, Magazine:

“One cup of blueberries a day produced the results…  In one study, researchers fed rats a blueberry rich diet for 8 weeks and concluded that blueberries boost enzymes that help brain cells communicate with one another and make cell membranes more receptive to the signals – a result, perhaps, of a synergistic effect from several compounds contained in the berries.”

The article went on to quote James Joseph, PhD, USDA scientist at the the Neuroscience Laboratory, Tufts University, as saying “I can tell you that after doing this research, I now eat a cup or two of blueberries every day.”